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Be my Valentine.....Save your Heart and Stop Snoring

As printed in the Scottsdale Downtowner, February 2008

"It's Good Health Sense"

Be my Valentine....

Save your Heart and Stop Snoring

By Dr. Daniel P. Secrest, DC Chiropratic Physician

 There is nothing like the action of falling in love. You are euphoric-life is wonderful-your energy level is at an all-time high and your cares just seem to melt away. Oh, if that feeling could only last.

All too soon, the blossoms of love seem to wilt, as the bonbons turn to unwanted weight and the stresses of life return with even greater impact. Now there are two-or more-for which to care and provide.

Now, bedtime is really for sleeping and if you can't, perhaps a brandy, beer or bedtime snack will help bring closure to your harassing daily life. That is when it begins: "You Snore!"

If you think second-hand smoke is bad, it is nothing compared to a loud snoring mate that keeps you awake all night with the rumbling. All too frequently, snoring turns into obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which can increase your chance of a heart attack or stroke by a factor of four.

 Sleep apnea is caused by the relaxation of flabby muscles in the back of your throat as you sleep. As the weak muscles collapse on your windpipe, you stop breathing for as much as 30 seconds or more. This puts stress on your heart as it struggles to function-without oxygen-and sends a message to the brain: "Wake up, stupid, and breathe." The result is you wake up with a snort and then continue to breathe-and snore-and stop breathing some more, as much as 30-40 times per hour. No wonder you wake up tired. No wonder so many spouses soon seek the serenity of a second bedroom.  

There are many devices sold today to help reduce snoring and sleep apnea. The ones you hear most about are quite costly, such as CPAP breathing machines and surgery. Yet, there is a simple therapeutic therapy of the jaw and throat that can bring lasting relief in as little as one half-hour treatment. It is coupled with a mild but enthusiastic 90-second exercise routine that can be done in your chair, at home or in the office.

So, why have you not heard about this technique? Because it is holistic, inexpensive, easy and quick, there are no products needed to be sold, nor are there millions of dollars to be made to offset high advertising costs. But, you can learn all about it by clicking the Snoring tab at the top of this page.

Want a great Valentine's Day gift and your sleep partner back in your bed? Stop snoring, save your heart and your love. It makes good health sense.  

Dr. Dan Secrest is a practicing physician at Secrest Family Chiropractic on Hayden & Osborn Roads in Scottsdale. He is the former radio host of his own talk show in Phoenix and has appeared on radio, TV and in the local press. The advice given in this column is for informational/entertainment purposes only and you should consult your physician before proceeding. Should you have a health question or other inquiry, you may contact Dr. Dan Secrest through his website at or through his office at 480-994-4411.

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