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Neck Pain due to an Auto Accident

Neck Pain Treatment from an Auto Accident in Scottsdale

Women in Scottsdale, AZ holding her neck after an auto accident

When you notice discomfort and pain in your neck after an accident, you may benefit from chiropractic care in Scottsdale. Getting into an auto accident complicates your health by causing injuries to your body. The key is determining the cause of your neck pain and then focusing on the appropriate treatment strategy for your goals.

Auto Accident Injuries Resulting in Neck Pain

An auto accident injury causes neck pain and discomfort in Scottsdale. The severity of your injuries may impact the treatment options available for your situation, but identifying the type of injury allows you to address the discomfort.

Common injuries resulting in neck pain include:

  • Neck sprain, which may cause tension or stiffness in your neck and shoulders
  • Headaches or migraines, which stem from neck injuries
  • Whiplash, which occurs as a direct result of the sudden stop and the way your body snaps forward and backward at a quick speed
  • Pinched nerves, which may relate to a herniated disc in your neck and spine or may be cause by other compression on the nerves

Depending on the injuries and the cause of your pain, we develop a personalized treatment plan to help address the situation. Dr. Secrest, DC, offers a holistic strategy to help reduce or manage your pain without taking unnecessary risks with your health and well-being while you heal.

How Chiropractic Care Helps with Pain

Chiropractic care helps with pain management after an auto accident by addressing the cause of your discomfort. Depending on the injuries and the severity of your injuries, we develop a treatment plan to address the situation. Generally, we use neck and spinal adjustments to encourage proper communication and nerve health. We may also use decompression therapy to reduce pressure on your nerves at specific points along your neck and spine.

Since we take a holistic approach to the healing process, we may suggest massage therapy as part of the treatment plan. Massage therapy helps when you have neck pain from a strain or whiplash. Since headaches and migraines may occur as a direct result of the tension, stiffness and whiplash injuries, the treatments help reduce or manage the discomfort while your neck heals. We may also use applied kinesiology to test the muscles of your neck and identify potential complications that may arise as you heal. The tests evaluate your range of motion and your posture, as well as specific factors that may contribute to your discomfort.

Contact Your Chiropractor in Scottsdale Today

You want to talk to a chiropractor at Secrest Family Chiropractic, PC when you notice pain or discomfort in your neck after an auto accident. A chiropractor evaluates your situation and develops a personalized plan of action based on your needs. We also recommend visiting a professional immediately after the accident, since some injuries like whiplash are not obvious at the time of the accident.

Treating injuries to your neck starts with identifying your needs. For more details, call (480) 994-4411.

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