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Address TMJ Disorders with the Help of a Chiropractor

We often think of joint pain as something that affects our knees, elbows, and maybe our hips. In some cases though, the jaw is the part of your body that could experience joint pain. Scottsdale, AZ residents can find relief from that type of pain by going to us at Secrest Family Chiropractic.


But why exactly does pain originate in that part of the body? That is what we will cover today.

Continue reading to learn more about TMJ pain and how your chiropractor can help address it.

What Is TMJ Pain?

Before we discuss how chiropractors can help alleviate the pain you’re feeling in your jaw, let’s first talk about why that kind of discomfort emerges in the first place.

The TMJ is otherwise known as the temporomandibular joint and it’s responsible for connecting your jawbone to your skull, according to the Mayo Clinic. Within this joint are different bones covered by cartilage. Those bones are also kept apart by a disk which facilitates their proper movement.

If something happens to that disk, you will start to experience pain. The same thing happens if the cartilage covering the bones gets too worn down.

The entire joint itself could wind up damaged if you are hit in the jaw.

Aside from a blow to the jaw, pain could also emerge due to conditions such as arthritis or possibly due to your habit of constantly grinding your teeth.

You’ll know something’s wrong if pain starts radiating from your jaw and you have difficulty chewing. The pain could also spread out over your face and even climb up your ears.

This type of pain could go away on its own if it resulted from a blow to the jaw. However, if the discomfort is brought about by the disk and/or damage to the cartilage, you will need professional care.

How Your Chiropractor Relieves the Pain in Your Jaw

Many tend to think that chiropractic care is only for your neck and back pain, but it can do more than that. Once a professional begins making adjustments to your spine and neck, different parts of your body will experience pain relief and that includes your jaw.

In addition, the work chiropractors perform can also address the soft tissue damage done to your jaw if you were indeed hit in that part of the body previously.

You will experience pain relief right after your visit to the chiropractic clinic, but the problem may not completely disappear that quickly. Subsequent visits may be necessary in order to eliminate the discomfort emanating from your jaw.

TMJ pain can disrupt your daily life. Addressing it right away is a must.

Scottsdale, AZ residents looking for immediate pain relief can visit Secrest Family Chiropractic for treatment. We’ll provide the quality care you desperately need. Schedule your visit now!

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