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Pinched Nerve Treatment

Pinched Nerve Treatment at Secrest Family Chiropractic

A pinched nerve can feel just as unpleasant as it sounds. From sharp or shooting pains to numbness and other odd symptoms, you may find that impinged nerve tissue places some serious restrictions on your comfort and function. The good news is that Secrest Family Chiropractic in Scottsdale AZ can relieve your misery. Our all-natural, non-surgical treatment methods can help your nerves operate as they should, so you can enjoy your daily activities again.


How Nerves Become Pinched and What Happens When They Are

Why would nerve tissue get pinched in the first place? The human nervous system is a vast network consisting of numerous nerve branches sending/receiving countless signals. Smaller nerves branch out from major nerves, which in turn connect to the spinal cord through a series of nerve roots. All of this nerve tissue, including the spinal cord itself, is threaded through relatively narrow passages, and that's an impingement waiting to happen. Bulging or herniated discs (which tend to compress nerve roots), spinal alignment problems, lumbar or cervical stenosis, or tight or swollen tissues can all cause impingement.

A nerve can be pinched at any point along its length, from its smallest branches to its nerve roots. Pain, loss of sensation (numbness), tingling (pins and needles), and loss of function are all typical signs of a pinched nerve. Depending on where the impingement occurs, you may experience different symptoms in different parts of the body. A pinched cervical nerve root, for instance, may affect your hand or arm, while a pinched lumbar nerve root may affect your leg or foot.

Our Scottsdale Chiropractor Can Relieve Nerve Impingement

If a pinched nerve has disabled you and/or made your life miserable, come to Secrest Family Chiropractic. Our Scottsdale chiropractor, Dr. Secrest, DC, can pinpoint your pinched nerve by observing your symptoms and taking X-rays of your spinal column. Once we've identified the location and cause of the impingement, we can take steps to relieve it. Chiropractic adjustments and spinal decompression can shift spinal structures that are pressing against nerve tissue. The Graston Technique can release trapped nerves from scar tissue. Massage therapy and cold laser therapy can reduce swelling around nerves and encourage nerve healing. These and other techniques can work together to serve as your personalized, non-surgical pain relief plan.

Your Source for Safe, Natural Treatment Options in Scottsdale

If you're feeling the pinch from a pinched nerve, Secrest Family Chiropractic can take the pressure off. Call our Scottsdale chiropractic clinic at (480) 994-4411 to schedule an appointment so we can find and fix that impingement!

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