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Upper Back Pain FAQs

Do You Suffer from Upper Back Pain?

At Secrest Family Chiropractic, we meet many people who come in believing that their upper back pain is destined to be a recurring part of their lives. Depending on your exact cause and situation, you may find that your upper back pain can be reduced or even completely remedied with treatment and preventative measures. We serve the people of Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding areas with premium chiropractic care. If you have upper back pain, random pain in the neck or shoulders, arm pain, or even headaches, we can help. 


Upper Back Pain Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does everyone suffer from upper back after a certain age? While back pain tends to increase as you age, it is not a guaranteed ailment. There are many things you can do to help reduce your chances of living with back pain. 
  • I have recurring back pain, but I do not remember an injury. Why? You do not always have to have an injury for back pain to flare up. You may get recurring back pain from poor posture, improper work ergonomics, bad furniture, weight gain, an injury to another part of the body that causes the back to work harder, and many other things. 
  • What can a chiropractor do to help recurring upper back pain? There are a lot of things a chiropractor can do to reduce or even eliminate your back pain. First, our chiropractor will try to discover the root cause of your pain. If the pain is addressed from that level up, then any treatment will be more effective. Chiropractic care like massage therapy, manual adjustments, traction, and more will bring relief.  Pain management will be a cooperative plan that may include personalized strength training workouts at home to prevent future flare-ups. 
  • Is my pain upper back, neck, or shoulder? This is actually a common question because it can be hard to tell exactly where the pain is located when it radiates and is at high levels. We can help find that origin spot for optimal treatment. 

Contact Us to Schedule Your Upper Back Pain Consultation with Our Skilled Chiropractor

Secrest Family Chiropractic serves all of Scottsdale, AZ with caring and proficient chiropractic care. Do not continue to suffer from your upper back, neck, or shoulder pain. We can help. You may be surprised at how chiropractic care can have far-reaching effects on your whole body. Call us today at (480) 994-4411 to schedule your consultation. 

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  • "Dr Secrest really cares about his patients. He resolved a 3 year headaches issue for one of my sons that all the other doctors couldn't and he's been fantastic working with my son with autism."
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